Do you really want to wait in a line for the new iPad?

Posted By on March 16, 2012


I’m not planning on going to Walmart to stand in line at 12:01AM to buy the new iPad, but would like to end up with one at some point. From the reports I’ve been reading, the battery life is still excellent (10 hours), the retina display unbeatable (super sharp) and the added weight/thickness hardly noticeable – WSJ review. After the long road trip with my son and his iPad2, I can’t see a reason not to opt for the Apple tablet even though I do like Android and webOS. I probably could live with the iPad2, but the price differential isn’t that significant compared to the third generation, especially considering the number of hours I expect to use one (base model $399 vs. $499 — accessories could be a bigger cost factor)

WSJ Flash video no longer exists


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