President Clinton had an interesting interview on CNBC

Posted By on June 5, 2012

presclintoncnbc120605Although I’m not a big advocate for President Clinton, I do respect his intellect and ability to navigate the politics and the economy more than the current POTUS. Maria Bartiromo on CNBC had an interview which was both political (stumping for the Dems) and reasonably accurate when it comes to the dealing with the stalled economy. President Clinton was able to simplify a strategy in a way that neither President Obama or Governor Romney has been able to communicate. His three points are easy to sell to the average voter, make logical sense to a wide swath and fit the attention span of those who 99% of the time really don’t care about politics.

1) Economic growth, 2) Spending Restraint and then 3) Additional revenue.

He also indicated that they these three things need to come in the right order to “avoid anything that contracts the economy.”  The commonsense talking points of “bringing the deficit down after the economy rebounds” and that we need to “take advantage of low interest rates now” because when the economy rebounds we’ll be sure to see much higher rates most likely sell better to Democrats, but they probably make sense to all but the far right conservative.

Part 1: Maria Bartiromo CNBC with President Clinton – 11:15- June 5, 2012

When addressing the issue of unions I thought he also had a sellable and almost Republican position: “Shared prosperity in good times and shared sacrifice in the bad times.” Of course these are all just “talking points” and a bit more challenging to put into action … but I think he could get the America people behinds his position better than Obama … I’m not so sure about Romney’s clarity just yet? An interesting quote that doesn’t bode well for President Obama was …"the most important thing in this election is what will President Obama do and what will Gov. Romney do with the economy and how will they deal with people who disagree with them, will they be divide and conquer, or would they be, ‘let’s bring everyone together’?" (link) I think we know how well Obama has been “leading” in this regard after his 3-1/2 years.

Part 2: Maria Bartiromo CNBC with President Clinton – 10:58 – June 5, 2012


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