Clickity-click … the sound of flip-flopping sandals

Posted By on December 4, 2012

I know the clickity-click (or is it clickity-clack?) is to be expected when wearing flip flops, but some pairs are noisier than others. A few months ago I purchased a new pair of Keen Waimea H2 sandals that keentoeprotectionI intend to keep on the boat because they have toe protection, but I can’t figure out how to make them a little quieter when I walk?

The last few days have been exceptionally warm here in southwest Ohio and so I opted to wear flip flops while bring in the garbage cans on Monday. I was amazed at how much “clackier” they were than previous sandals and am wondering if over time they will break-in and quiet down (as is common with the foam soled brands)?  These Keens are a made with sturdier materials and foot bed is cup shaped to fit the foot. It is possible the stickiness will wear off (at least that is what I’m hoping), but I’m wondering if a little powder or something might help? All I know is that they are annoying … but with 60 degrees in December, who’s complaining!

  Keen Flip-flop sandals (mp3) going “clickity-click” or “clack”


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