Finding a few photos of an old friend, his canoe and VW Bug

Posted By on February 12, 2013

It’s not fun drying out our basement, but I am enjoying finding long lost photos. Here’s one of a canoe trip (one of many) taken during a 1977 spring trip to the Whitewater River in Indiana with Charlie “Kamakaze” Matthews. We spent our free time both canoeing and sailing when we were in high school and it is fun to reconnect on social networks (Facebook).

vwbugcanoe vwbugcanoeshadow

He had an old Volkswagen and we’d strap his 17 foot canoe on top and had a great time. As I recall, we drove that “bug” pretty hard all over the place … including Florida. Great memories!


Now that he’s a mature and respectable realtor in the Washington DC area, I’m not sure these photos are helpful?
Disappointed smile
charlie_microvancharlie_rich_christmas1984 charlie_oldbooks
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