A very fun bachelor party for Drew and Tyler

Posted By on March 17, 2013

Katelyn’s fiancé Drew invited both his dad and me to join his groomsmen to a full day of fun in Columbus for his bachelor party (it was also his brother Tyler’s bachelor party – almost the same guys. Left to right below: Colin, Tyler, Rich, Taylor, Drew, Randy and Carson). We started by meeting for breakfast and shortly after worked up a sweat playing laser tag (Taylor’s sweat was good for a laugh the rest of the afternoon). We had a great time, although I obviously do not have this laser tag thing figured out – next time perhaps?

drew130316 drews_bachelor_guys130316

Next up, 9 holes of “virtual golf” (a few photos below) and a quick lunch at Firehouse subs followed by touring the Columbus autoshow, which just happened to be downtown this weekend. Probably a bad choice since I was distracted and ended up checking out the new Volkswagen TDIs on display.

All in all, the day worked out perfectly since both Taylor and I had to be out of the house while Brenda’s sister Chris and her girls hosted a bridal shower for Katelyn at our house in Cincinnati (they had a great time too.)

Drew_bachelor_party_golf130 TylerColin130316VWTDIBeetleConv130316 vwtiguancolumbusautoshow120

I included the Beetle TDI convertible for Brenda and “we” made sure to forward a photo of the Tiguan for Katelyn … most likely her next car IF it shows up in diesel.



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