No offense intended – I skipped posting on Katelyn’s shower

Posted By on March 18, 2013

Cupcakes102_0824 MadisonKatelyn102_0830
Cupcakes | Madison and Katelyn with game board

Well just because I didn’t include commentary or photos from Katelyn’s wedding shower this past Saturday, doesn’t mean it wasn’t important; I can take a hint and will include a few of Brenda’s snapshots over lunch today (sorry if I missed someone). As the subject line says: “No offense intended.” 

I can’t vouch for the fact that it was a “nice event,” but according to “my sources” they all have a good time (I’m still glad Taylor and I were in Columbus!)

Ashley and Katelyn

ClaireChris102_0835 BethEmRachel102_0834
Claire, Chris, Beth, Emily and Rachel

DebbieBarb102_0832 CakeTopperFountain102_0825
Debbie and Barb |Cake topper and fountain

DiningTable102_0828 KatieKatelyn102_0837
Dining table | Katie and Katelyn

Pam, Cindy, Beth, Rachel and Claire


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