The Volkswagen TDIClub and the generosity of people

Posted By on March 3, 2013

It is during the challenging times when people know they are associated with the right groups and organizations. A couple groups I belong to demonstrated their true colors over the past few weeks. The TDIClub, a Volkswagen diesel car club of which our local CinciTDI is part, rallied around a long standing and giving member. Brian Johnson, known as “Oilhammer” on the forums, has been dealing with an onslaught of family medical and financial problems this past year. He has been a long giving and active member of the TDIClub and his expertise has been appreciated by all. A few friends (and vendors) in the club decided they might be able to lend a hand. I don’t think anyone expected the caring to be so overwhelming, but the generosity and compassion of “good” people was amazing. Our local CinciTDI group was chosen to hold the raffle this weekend and shockingly saw a simple raffle of parts raise $13,125. Wow, it feels good to have helped out and be a part of this great group of caring people.

20130303-105101.jpgPictured: CinciTDI members Bruce, Matt and Tim at Saturday afternoon’s raffle drawing

Brian’s two sons have severe Lowe Syndrome. Here are some links so one can learn what Lowe Syndrome is.


The only prognosis is that there is no good ending to this.

Brian was off work with out pay for several months last year for his own medical reasons, and Brian’s wife Lisa has had to take so much time off from her job to take care of the boys that she was let go from her job. One can only imagine the stress they are going through.

Brian has selflessly given a lot to TDIClub over the years in the form of technical help, especially the work he did to develop the fix for the B5.5 balance shaft/oil pump upgrade. We can and should be able to do something for him.

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