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Posted By on January 4, 2014

happynewyear2014Since I haven’t received an order yet, I can’t vouch for, but as online specialty stores goes, this one is top notch. Sure they could improve their site with a few more value added links and how-to’s, but the selection of Marine Wire, Electrical Supplies, Cables and Connectors is excellent … and it is all tailored to those of us with boats. With free shipping in the states, I’m finding this as good or better than a local full service marine hardware store … if they even exist near you. — 5880 New Jesup Highway  Brunswick, GA 31523 

Hours: Monday though Friday 9:00AM EST to 5:00 EST 

Toll Free: (866)970-3325 Phone: (912)264-8327 Fax: (912)265-8202


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