My pick for best sailing blog of 2013

Posted By on January 3, 2014

Those who enjoy cruising, but aren’t on the water as often as they’d like, still enjoy armchair sailing — reading about those who are liveaboard cruising. One of the most inspirational sailing and cruising blogs is by Brittany and Scott Meyers. Their story over the past few years of sailing from Chicago to the Caribbean is not necessarily unique, but their story is well told and interspersed with great boat tips and product reviews. Their tale is not only one of sailing, but also about the real life challenges of earning a living (often being apart), upsizing to a bigger boat, staying connected with family at home, having a baby and bring her aboard … or adding two more (Brittany is pregnant with twins). Putting these complications aside, the mix of great photos, well edited video and excellent writing makes for a first class blog and one that is noticeably a step above even most well sponsored sites. My vote for the best sailing blog of 2013 is I expect to see a book or boatshow presentation soon.


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