Blah, blah, blah. President Obama and the SOTU 2014

Posted By on January 29, 2014

President Obama addressed the nation with his State of the Union rhetoric on Tuesday night and his blabbering leaves many of us wondering if he really knows how to rejuvenate the economy? Focus, Mr. Obama, focus. I have my doubts he even cares, sotu2014let alone understands how jobs are created. Once again an Obama speech sounds more like an “elect me” campaign stump speech rather than someone who is functioning as the President of the United States. I rarely agree with most Democrats, but West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin suggested we need a president for “all the people” rather than just his liberal segment. If different points of view are going to accomplish anything, the president needs to bring them together rather than accentuate their differences. It is one thing to be a congressman representing a district and holding to a point of view, but President Obama needs to “rise above” the partisanship and the one to bring these two (or three or four) sides together.

If we’re going to succeed, we need to grow the economy in order to create and improve jobs for all citizens. It’s the only way to move our nation to move forward. Just creating class warfare and taxing the job creators, corporations and spending more foolishly is not going to help our country. Jobs and a real growth economy needs to come first … expanding government and adding more social programs is a battle to fight later.

How I watched the SOTU below …


On a side note, I used the Sprint LTE Freedompop hotspot and my iPad to watch the SOTU on the boat whiles streaming the feed live from my Slingbox at home. Got to love technology … when it works!

President Obama vowed Tuesday to use the power of the pen to chip away at his agenda in 2014, making clear he’ll sidestep Congress through executive actions while also lowering his sights for what is achievable at this stage in his presidency.

In his State of the Union address, Obama stopped short of proposing any sweeping new initiatives. He renewed his call for Congress to approve an immigration overhaul “this year,” but for the most part narrowed his focus to smaller-ticket items he’s vowing to do on his own.



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