Sunrises and Encore projects in Florida this past week

Posted By on August 30, 2014


The past week had me on an enjoyable but quick trip to take care of a few sailboat maintenance items in Florida. The sails were re-stitched and needed to be picked up from South Sails as well as new halyards spliced and hoisted. Unfortunately the summer sun has been hard on every exposed part … and the humidity not all that kind inside, but what can a “commuter cruiser” do?


Figured I might as well save a couple sunrise memories since they were beautiful … I need a few more.


While I’m archiving photos from the past week, I might as well include a couple more from future projects: 1) anti-siphon valve needs to be repaired or replaced (above) and 2) the diesel fuel tank needs to TLC and the fuel needs to be polished (cleaned and re-filtered (growth in the tank).

Encore_SteeringCableFuelTan Encore_FuelTank

A third project is to address my lack of a permanent 3) LED anchor/tri-color masthead light as well as replacing the bulb in my steaming light (not shown).


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