Replaced the old halyards and roller furling line

Posted By on August 28, 2014

oldjibhalyard140826I picked up the repaired sails from South Sails this week and had initial success after stitching in a nylon thimble multiple times (I’m learning) into Encore’s new jib halyard. I still have the main sail halyard to go, but hopefully it will go smoother after the practice? I noticed the old halyards were oversized for the Westerly Corsair II according to information oldjibhalyard140827derived from – 1/2” rather than 7/16” – so for the next time I will assume 1/2” line will go through the sheaves? The old halyards had “hardened” and stiffened in the weather, something I noticed when stitching the new halyard to the old when replacing without going aloft. The rock solid core of the old halyard has me wondering if it could possibly be a premium cored low stretch line? (something to ask an expert)

The Harken roller furling gear was a little bit more straight forward although the old 3/8” line was a bear to dig out of where it is knotted at the bottom of the drum. All in all, the upgrade will may me a little bit more comfortable when attempting to furl the headsail in a strong wind.

I’ve noticed that it is also time for a bottom cleaning so I gave my DiverDown buddy Roy a call and set him up for next month. Need to get back on an every other month rotation anyway. I’m not happy with the added expense, but it sure beat hauling out and powerwashing … or getting into the brackish water and scrapping it myself.


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