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Posted By on August 31, 2014

Archiving a great sailing tip from the website starting with a tip on how to adjust the jib sheet car when using a roller furling genoa:

roller-reefing-headsail-sheetingDeck-sweeping genoas are not wonderful on a cruising boat if you’re at all interested in what’s going on ahead; nor do they work well with furling gear unless you’re happy to move the mainsheet traveler every time you adjust the furler.
It’s a geometry thing, the jib sheet must pull equally along the foot of the sail and the leech, or the shape of the sail will be distorted.
To check if you’ve got the jib sheet traveller in the correct position to achieve this, try luffing up while watching the tell-tales in the luff:~
● if the upper tell-tales break before the lower ones, then the jib sheet car is too far forward. ● if the lower tell-tales break before the upper ones, then the jib sheet car is too far aft.
● when all tell-tales break at the same time, then you’ve got the car in the right position.

Link to PDF

Actually here’s another tip that I need to check on before re-rigging my roller furling headsail: Avoiding Roller Reefing Foul-Ups

roller-reefing-genoa-wire-strop-1 roller-reefing-genoa-wire-strop-2


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