The Volkswagen Golf TDI looks to be delivering smiles for 2015

Posted By on September 8, 2014


New York Times auto guy Lawrence Ulrich seemed to be please with Volkswagen’s new 2015 Golf TDI …

But no crossover, and no hybrid for that matter, can do what I managed in the new diesel-power Golf TDI: 60.6 miles per gallon over 75 highway miles along the Jersey Shore. That’s my personal highway m.p.g. record for any American-market car I’ve tested, including the Toyota Prius.

Diesel Golfs come only with four doors, though every trim level offers a manual transmission. VW’s diesel brigades will notice that the least-expensive TDI S starts $3,000 less than its predecessor, at $22,815. That rises quickly to $26,315 for the TDI SE and $28,815 for the TDI SEL. For every diesel version, add $1,100 for the dual-clutch DSG automatic.

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