Weekend wrap up with my dad and ethanol problems

Posted By on December 8, 2014

DadC141206sThe last week or so has been busier than usual with my dad needing to make a surprise visit to the hospital after a fall. He lives alone since my mom past away (2 years ago – wow time flies) and has not been doing the best job with fixing meals for himself or monitoring his blood sugar. We at first had concerns that it was a “mini-stroke” as indicated by the hospital, but noticing how out of whack his diabetic blood numbers were, it was probably low glucose. We’ve got him off meds that lower his numbers now and are working on better eating habits and monitoring with a visiting nurse for the time being. He seems back to normal except for a fracture in his back and compression between vertebras causing him some discomfort and movement issues. I’m confident he’ll be back to normal soon.

Besides visiting with dad, I worked and worked on my Poulan chainsaw in attempts to keep it running as it has. It is my smaller and lighter saw (have an OLD heavy duty Mccolloch from our days of heating with wood in Hudson, OH) and the lighter ChainsawEthanol121207one preferred when cutting up smaller trees and the like; besides it was always a first or second start type saw … I probably over use it? Anyway after taking it apart it seems the ethanol used in today’s gasoline has done a number on the fuel lines and most likely gummed up the carburetor. Even after several hours and replacing all the fuel lines I can’t get it running correctly. I’ve finally gave up and am tempted to just buy a new lightweight saw???



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