Clearing snow again and again this February weekend

Posted By on February 22, 2015

RichC_SnowFrtHouse150221 Tootsie_SnowRear150221

As predicted, we pick up our share of snow in the Cincinnati area on Saturday. I was hoping to make it through the winter without having to put the chains and snowblower on the old John Deere, but realized Friday night that it was not to be. Thankfully all operated as it was suppose to as we picked up an additional 6” early Saturday morning (to the existing few inches) and after the first morning plow this morning watch the snow continue to come down most of the day. By afternoon southwestern Ohio area was in a level 2 snow emergency and by evening I was shoveling another 6 or so more inches. Enough! I think it is time to head down to the boat … except that Judy and Mark on Windbird anchored in Dinner Key (Miami) waiting for a weather window to cross to the Bahamas reported 42 F! Brrr.

Pano photo – Where’s the pool?

A little more wet snow was added by Saturday evening.


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