More work on the boat — the Volvo diesel among other things

Posted By on February 4, 2015

manateeatnightWhile walking out to the boat in the evening, I glanced down to see an odd looking object floating and then sinking in the water next to the dock. Sure enough a quick LED light from the iPhone illuminated the Manatee “sleeping” just beneath the water.


The purpose of this trip was primarily to meet with a diesel mechanic to consult on the sad condition of Encore’s diesel. It is an aging and high hour Volvo 2003 with “as I found out,” several issues that  I need to address.

Initially I was concerned about the overboard discharge through the anti-siphon valve, but deep down I guess I knew there were other issues. Thankfully I have found the perfect guy to help with not only the “consulting,” but helping with the actual repairs. He quickly started in on tearing down the diesel (photo above was pre-disassembly) … and I’m hoping to get parts ordered later this week so I’ll have them for my next trip down to the boat.

IMG_0311 IMG_0312

I’m also still addressing crud in my diesel fuel (dead algae) and will be rebuilding my Racor diesel filter with a kit that I’ve just ordered for $28.50 + $5 shipping. Not too bad, but it will take a little bit of cleaning to get my bowl polished clear again.


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