New theme and pages for my EAA Chapter 284’s website

Posted By on March 19, 2015

I received a few long overdue updates items from our EAA chapter’s president for the interior pages of the EAA284 chapter website on Wednesday and so before forgetting I jumped right on it. We are continuing to eaa284siteupdate150318.keep the domain, but opt to use to host because it is free. Still there are limitations to the “free” version and those quirks had me updating a old theme which in turn created way more work than expected. Thankfully it is a relatively simple site … besides the protected pages and forms for email, it is straight forward.

We’ve also talked about switching webmasters,  seen too many ambitious, good intentioned members start strong and leave a “static” mess. I’d prefer keeping it simple as an archive style bulletin board rather than too many hour of work each month. In our case we’ll  links to each builder, pilot or personal Facebook site and let them manage their own pages. THe new theme looks “ok” for now, but on an old PC looks a little washed out??? I’m sure the links will go stale again anyway and since we really don’t generate heavy traffic, it will serve its purpose.

If you are an EAA member and would like access to the builders section, send me an email and I’ll get you a passcode for members section which has contact information and links.


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