Rain, leaks and cold showers

Posted By on March 2, 2015

Drippy Lewmar Hatch

Just as it was in the French Revolution, I’m back and forth telling A Tale of Two Cities and “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” so to speak. I spent the weekend taking care of a condo rental issue in Delray Beach, Florida and of course was staying on the sailboat finalizing the diesel repair, or so I hope??? The first issue was solved, the second has become a bigger deal than I initially thought … but SO VERY glad to find a few things before being on the water and having an emergency. The “best of times” part is that I escaped the cold and snow of Cincinnati, the “worst of times” is that it rained constantly (but was 70° F). Three of the four overhead Lewmar hatches leaked (I knew about) and so kept my plastic and buckets catching the drips … and was prevented from sleeping in the aft berth. I did take the opportuinity to mark all the leaky spots that someone has time and time again attempted to sloppily repair. The only real option is going to be removing and having them rebedded. $$$

I also replace the manual galley pump that I repaired; I had to make an epoxy plug (no wood glue) after “digging out” the old broken off rusted screw. Hey, it worked (above).

The final frustration was heading into the marina bathroom and noticing all the showers seemed to be in use … with the water running? Hmm … I looked under the curtains after a few minutes and realized there wasn’t anybody in them and yet the water was running in all three? Hm … so I shut them off and proceed to take my … yes you guessed it … cold shower. Grrr … hoodlums at the marina or a disgruntled sailor?  


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