The Treasure Coast was a popular place this weekend

Posted By on March 30, 2015

After the rain on Friday (above), the weather improve for a weekend finishing up a long drawn out engine work (plus a few other repairs) to Encore at the marina in Florida. The weather improved and was high 70s on Saturday and Sunday but with the north wind felt cooler in the shade.

I wasn't the only one in Fort Pierce (photo right)…

It's too bad there isn't a scheduled flight in and out of St Lucie International Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida … like Airforce One. Sure must me nice to schedule a golf weekend and have the 1st class trip paid for by taxpayers. On the other hand, it would be far more convenient to fly into FPR “if they had scheduled flights” than Orlando, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale. Oh well, no complaints really!





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