Will ElioMotors hit the price, efficiency and production targets?

Posted By on March 1, 2015


Really just love the above camera angle of the Elio … a new micro-car company making its public relation rounds and aggressively taking pre-orders. I’ve mentioned Elio previously and am anxious to see, drive and OWN the little commuter car. There are plenty of details to be concerned about since their targets are aggressive for any car manufacturer … let alone one that has not been built yet. Still, I’m “all in” and optimistic.

Today we are going to spice up the day with a topic that is important to us and our fans and seems to have a few people flummoxed as to the logic and communication behind it. That topic is our $6,800* retail selling price.

First, we have set four targets, called “must haves” that drive the entire Elio project: 84 MPG highway, $6,800, Safe, and made in America. These are the guiding principles for the Elio. Any time we talk about modifying a part or adding something to the Elio, the part has to fit in these four criteria. Does everything fit into these criteria, no, so those items go into a “bubble list” for future consideration or straight to the options list. The final decision always must come back to whether it meets these four criteria.



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