Contemplating an iOS9 install. On the other hand, maybe not?

Posted By on July 17, 2015

The Apple iOS 9 pre-release has been dangled in front of me for a little while ios9imagenow, but since I’ve been traveling the last couple weeks, the temptation to install while away was not all that powerful, so I decided not tempt fate. That probably a good thing since a few tech people I follow, and respect, have not had such a positive experience (Apple did warn). Again, this is pre-release stuff and not for the faint of heart.

Advice: Don’t’ install iOS 9 on your primary device.

Lauren Goode’s article on gave me pause as I started thinking about giving it a try this weekend. Maybe I’ll wait?

… iPhone users have had previous complaints about losing cell service after iOS updates.

To be clear, I never got to the point where I was running iOS 9 on the phone. After waiting from around noon until 1:30 pm for the software to download, I received an error message: Unable to Install Update. I took a phone call shortly after that, and then tried, again, to install the update.


Suddenly, I had no network connection. I tried a hard reset of the phone. Where Verizon Wireless would normally show me a few dots and maybe an LTE signal, it said “Searching….” For hours.

(I took a train home. I had no cell service. No Wi-Fi, no personal hotspot, nothing for more than an hour. No text messages, email or streaming music. I looked out the window. I took a short nap. I wondered what news I was missing. It was life before the smartphone!)

Once home, I tried resetting the phone’s network settings. I popped out the tiny SIM, then loaded it back in again. Still no service.

For more, read the rest at Learned the Hard Way: Don’t install iOS9 Beta on Your Primary iPhone


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