Donna Lange Keepin’ On sailing south near west African coast

Posted By on September 12, 2015


A few years back I was somewhat attentive to following a sailing friend, Donna Lange, complete her solo sail around the world. I’ve been less tuned in on her “Sail Twice Around” voyage due to being more focused sailtwicearoundmap150912on my wife’s injury and father’s passing. It is time to catch up a little bit.

Donna aboard her rebuilt Southern Cross 28 (same boat she previously circumnavigated with) left Rhode Island in July 2015 heading directly east via the tradewind route down along the coast of Africa. Her path will tentatively take her around Cape Hope and across the Southern Ocean in the “roaring forties” until she is south of Tazmania. She plans to sail south of New Zealand and back to about 45S only dropping down to round Cape Horn at the tip of South America. If all goes well, her return sail from the south Atlantic should bring her up east coast of South America rounding Brazil and into the Caribbean with a planned return to Bristol, Rhode Island in April or May of 2016. A month and a half in, she is progressing steadily and in good spirits according to her SailBlog Log and finally got rain
Continued fair winds and favorable seas … Keepin’ On.” Smile


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