Received this after TWO changes to our Liberty Mutual policy

Posted By on November 23, 2015


As I mentioned to my Liberty Mutual agent … “at least I know what my premiums are paying for – mailings!” It is hard to believe that removing Taylor’s car from our policy and adding the X5 could generate 14 multipage envelopes of policy information?

That said, our annual auto policy renews in November… so that may have been part of it. Unfortunately Liberty Mutual is inching up rates again too (see 2013); the mailing included an eye-opening 8% premium increase over the exactly the same cars and coverage two weeks earlier in October when I added the new car (BTW, no claims since a “glass” breakage 2 years ago). I’m beginning to wonder why I loyally stay with this company … it doesn’t seem to matter.

On a completely different note … below is the BMW X5 35d computer summary of the last 8.5 hours of driving (mostly interstate). Averaging 25.5 mpg is not bad, but not the 28 mpg EPA estimate either.



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