One of the strangest presidential primary contests ever

Posted By on February 11, 2016

As a frustrated political watcher, I'm starting to think I may have hitched my wagon behind the wrong GOP horse, although it is still a bit early. I haven't jumped in with both feet or anything, but I thought I was supporting a Republican with “acceptable” values and ability to grow the party … and someone who also has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Up to this point, I felt Marco Rubio held that position, but after a self-inflicted debate flop in New Hampshire … and a kamikaze like suicide attack by fellow Republican Gov. Chris Christie (he dropped out Wednesday, as did Carly Fiorina) … he unfortunately has a big hill to climb again (WSJ photo above doesn't help Rubio … time will tell if he can “joke” his way around of the robotic image?)

Currently, businessman Donald Trump has solidified a strong number one spot, but like many “watchers,” his avid support seems to be tapped out at about 1/3rd of the electorate. He generates passionate support … as well as downright hatred from others. Of course the ever-likable (joking) Ted Cruz splits the GOP about the same way. Even more concerning is that he would be very unlikely to bring across Democrats, even if they are discontented with choosing between the “forked tongue” Hillary Clinton and unabashed socialist Bernie Sanders.

One of the big concerns … or as Bill O'Reilly said “consternation” for GOP primary voters … is that loud conservatives and motivated Republican voters have either aligned themselves with Trump or Cruz … and are leaving pragmatic (but still conservative) Republicans splitting up their votes between several other candidates (link): Bush, Rubio, Kasich and Carson (see checklist in Conservative Review).

We'll see how it goes in South Carolina.


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