Our 2010 BMW X5 35d clicked odometer to 150,000 miles

Posted By on August 27, 2016

On my drive home this week, our 2010 BMW X5 35d modified diesel rolled the odometer passed 150K (I know, they don’t roll like my old Mercedes anymore). Economy is not quite up to the 30 mpg highway that I have been hoping for, but I’m not complaining about 28 mpg "with an impressive power" for a full size 2-1/2 Ton SUV … made in Spartanburg, SC by the way. Once all the upgrades and tuning mods this past year were dialed in (358hp / 542 ft/lb TQ), the drivability and code clearing routine have been painless. I’m finally happy with this vehicle … and the seal of approval was hearing my wife say, "can I have MY car back?"



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