Another use for a carabiner – holding the air fill nozzle

Posted By on September 10, 2016


Sometimes American ingenuity and out-of-the-box MacGyver thinking comes together in the craziest ways. My dad gave me an incredibly useful 10 gallon Portable Air Tankairfillmotorcycle that is easier to use than a slow poke portable air compressor. I use to use it extensively when having to fill the leaking tires on the John Deere prior to replacing a week or so ago. One of the chores I disliked was holding the nozzle to refill the tank from my compressor  … because it takes a long time to compress 100 psi of air into the portable tank I’ve contemplated buying a bike/motorcycle style clamp nozzle, but haven’t found one yet … so I just added a spare carabiner to the tank and voilà … it works perfectly.


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