Trip to visit Katelyn and Drew in Wayzata, MN — Part 2

Posted By on September 15, 2016

Continued from 9/14/2016This is PART 2:

Rich_Drone160911Sunday was fully planned as well. Katelyn and Drew had scoped out a car show in previous years and they knew it would be something I would enjoy. So before going to a ballgame, “we” (well at least “I”) enjoyed the old cars — and shared a little too much of the “who cares” information.


Their house is within walking distance from the center of Wayzata and with the number of paths and bike trails, getting around on foot or two wheels is a cinch. Highways have walk overs, every town is connected by trails and even towns have sidewalks (something sorely missing where we live in Liberty Twp, Ohio). About the only thing missing were government designated and regulated air-routes for drone flying — but give them time! #sarcasm (that’s me above flying Drew’s quadrotor … FUN!!!)

CrossoverWayzataMN_KBR 1929ChryslerWayzataCarShow


Lucky I guess, but it just happened that TwinsIndians160911our FIRST place Cleveland Indians were in town playing TwinsIndiansTicket160911the Minnesota Twins … so off we went to downtown Minneapolis with special event tickets Katelyn was able to finagle through her Wayzata Children’s Clinic & local hospital connection — what a treat! To top it off … the Indians won the game handily.

TwinsIndiansGame160911 TwinIndians_DK_Selfie

TwinIndians_DKB_Minneapolis TwinIndians_BKR_Minneapolis

Since we were at an afternoon game, that left us with time to swing past the BRAND new USBank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings and host to Superbowl LLII on February 4, 2018.  It is a beautiful “ship” ??? — looks kind of like one.


See part 3 … Friday.


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