Trip to visit Katelyn and Drew in Wayzata, MN — Part 3

Posted By on September 16, 2016

Continued from 9/14/2016 and 9/15/2016This is PART 3:


JKHowards_Kitchen160911 JKHowards_KD_In_newhouse160911

Instead of heading home, we picked up pizza and headed over to my nephew Justin and his wife Keity’s new house (photo above) about 25 minutes from Wayzata. He and his son Evan gave us the grand tour while we waited for his wife and daughter Madelyn to return home for supper.

MadEvanDrew_FoamRocketPlay1 HowardsFire_BKK160911

HowardsFire_DJM160911 HowardsFire_BJK160911

The sun was setting and we enjoyed the rest of the evening in the backyard making S’mores over the fire.


We finally left so they could go to bed after a long and busy weekend … but it is always great seeing them when we come up to Minnesota!

Finally a nice meal out is always in order when we visit — The Cov (below) this time … although we loved all of Katelyn‘s new breakfast/brunch ideas … I especially liked the eggs baked in cinnamon rolls.


And in keeping with my text messaging weekend theme in getting a “lyft” to and from everyplace by using the excellent “Drew-BER” service … thank you to my son-in-law for hauling us around all weekend. Very much appreciated!



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