Trying to keep a sense of humor about the upcoming election

Posted By on October 23, 2016

It has NOT been an enjoyable campaign season … a very long year and a half! Citizens of voting age in the United States (see Twiitter comment below) voluntarily head to the polls to decide who they want or more appropriately DON’T want genballot2016as their president for the next 4 years. I doubt I’m alone in holding my nose when filling out my ballot … but tried to have a sense of humor by teasing a friend while hovering over the Green Party candidate (photo). I’m voting absentee this year as I was suppose to be traveling,  but had something even more exciting than the election coming up that made changes to my travel schedule! (stay tuned as I’ll "reveal" that excitement in November)
As a very frustrated conservative voter, I’d generally not do much more than joke about voting for a third party candidate … but this year won’t fault those considering it (so as long as they realize who they are really helping to get elected?) Frankly, if the Libertarians could have gained enough ground, this would have been the year to have challenged our current two party dominated election. It is really too bad Gary Johnson was cornered out of the presidential debates and made a couple gaffes that were the only things to get him any press coverage — besides his openness to legalizing drugs and marijuana use. Looking at both Johnson and Welds’ records as governors, I don’t think they governed as nutty as the media portrays them.

Something to think about below (my Tweet as moderator Chris Wallace closed the 3rd presidential debate on 10/19/2016):


The point of my disagreement was that 1) you must be a citizen and not just living in this country (federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting) and 2) it is a privilege that can be lost (“a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people” — convicted felons can’t always vote) and that it is not an obligation (“an act to which a person is morally or legally bound.”)


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