Our 1982 Mercedes diesel can see (in fog) again …

Posted By on October 24, 2016


As mentioned a few posts ago, I finally found an amber fog light on ebay to replace the broken glass lens. I was disappointed in the cost, but very pleased with the quality of the lightly used Bosch part. Forgive the bug splats (needs to be cleaned) but when the weather is nice, this 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel is my semi-daily driver … so long as it isn’t hot and humid or snowing.

On another note, as much as I love this car, my garage is way too full. My son-in-law references “my fleet” when we talk about cars, so likely I’m not the only one realizing I have too many vehicles. I won’t absolutely  have to do anything until Elio Motors gives me a production and delivery date, but I’m going to have to sell something. My “true” daily driver is the 2010 BMW X5 35D (really loving it now) and with the addition of my dad’s 1958 Packard Hawk … my garage spaces are full. The most likely car to sell is the Mercedes (or my 1975 MGB project car, but it is small) … in any case, if you are interested in a great W123 chassis Turbodiesel, send me a message.


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