Music Monday and thankful I can still hear things

Posted By on January 9, 2017

After an episode with excessive ringing and noise in my good ear last month, reminiscent of when I lost most of the hearing in my right ear, I have appreciated things getting back to “my” normal this month. Admittedly it is frightening to think I might lose what is left of my hearing … even without the Meniere’s vertigo and nausea. So having the normal for me Tinnitus is somewhat of a blessing because I can still function and even listen to music.

That brings me to today’s Music Monday … and a couple renditions of Paul Simon’s “Only Living Boy in New York” recorded by Simon and Garfunkel back in 1969 and released on their popular Bridge Over Troubled Water album.  The second version below is one from a bookstore in New York City in 2008 when Paul Simon sat down with his guitar and shared what goes into his creative music writing process with those listening. He played and sang on the open microphone … very nice.

  The Only Living Boy In New York | Simon and Garfunkel – 1969
 Open Mic “The Only Living Boy In New York | Paul Simon – 2008


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