Painted and fitted the shelf storage in the laundry room

Posted By on January 11, 2017

LaundryRoomFinished170108 LaundryroomShelves170108 LaundryroomStainless170108

The long drawn out "laundry room upgrade" is finally finished as mentioned yesterday, but at least it improves and modernizes what we had. The old GE top-load washing machine was regularly being fixed and the dryer was long past it’s prime … but still working after the "bearing kit repair."

The newer graphite color (currently the in color along with stainless steel) on the LG front load stacked washer and dryer improves space use a bit … but only because of added mini stainless steel splash area next to the utility sink and shelving. I’ve added a hidden shelf and storage area to the right of the stacked machines which will fit 3 Clorox bleach jugs wide and quite a bit of bulky storage on a heavy duty shelf at "stacked" height overhead. It will be used for bulky kitchen items like roasters and storage Tuperwares of towels, placemats, etc. I’m sure my wife will have no problem finding bulky items to stack up top!  Under that shelf a new LED tube offers another 1000 lumens of light along with the normal 2 bulb by 4 foot florescent tubes overhead. It operates off of a motion detector and turn on when walking into the laundry room and off 5 minutes after no motion is detected. (I’m hoping to add the wall switch to also control that ceiling light … we will see if one motion detector can control a switch and plug at the same time?)


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