Hey Rich, how comfortable will you be in that new little Elio?

Posted By on February 9, 2017

My answer to "how comfortable?" – is that "I don’t really know"… because I haven’t been in one yet. But, I suspect after flying small airplanes like the Cessna 152 that someone who is 6’1" and 195 lbs like me should be "ok" for all but the longest trips.


Here’s what the Elio blog has to say:

There’s no denying that our vehicle is unique. Because of our unique configuration and styling a common question is “Will I fit?” In the vast majority of cases the answer is “Not only will you fit, but you’ll fit comfortably!” At our tour events, we constantly get approached by all types of folks who are adamant that they will not fit. All we need to do is open the door for them and let them see for themselves and they are universally impressed. Tall, short, skinny, big, small – no matter the shape or size, just about everyone fits in the Elio!

The Elio is designed to accommodate, in terms of size, everyone between the 5th percentiles female to the 95th percentile male (which is roughly a 6’1’’, 200 pound person.) Even a gentleman in the 95th percentile has 3.5 inches of front seat head clearance! In case you haven’t made it to a tour event, here are some measurements in case you are still skeptical.


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