Houston, we have a problem – a SKUNK problem

Posted By on May 24, 2017

As less developed areas evolve from rural to suburban, many homeowner and the critters who call the area home, are faced with figuring out how to live together Skunk in livetrapor struggle to set boundaries.

We have never lived in urban or fully developed areas so dealing with Ohio’s variety of wildlife is normal. In the early 1980s I build a deck onto our little brick farmhouse outside Aurora, Ohio and spent a spring co-existing with a mother skunk having her babies nestled under it … eventually they went away and we never had an issue. In our second house it was groundhogs — I probably should have known that since we lived in Hudson Ohio on 5 acres parcel with a sign labeling it “Groundhog Hill.” Let’s just say my eradication method of pouring diesel fuel with a gasoline chaser down their holes was not effective or a recommended method, but it did leave a black scorched streak up the side of our house for the groundhogs to laugh at (FYI, don’t do that).

Here north of Cincinnati we were relatively early in building our home in Liberty Township and regularly are dealing with everything from deer, mink, coyotes, feral cats, mice and my ongoing battle with raccoons finding their way into my attic (which is why the trap is set).


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