Is the government sector overpaid or private sector underpaid?

Posted By on August 3, 2017

Just one more irritation as to how politicians spend tax dollars … and line their own pockets.

For the past couple of decades, the private sector has been struggling … particularly the blue collar worker and mid to lower management employees. Pensions are non-existent, benefits eliminated and health care for the private sector a nightmare!  In this same period, government workers seem immune?


Although I’m showing my irritation is with inequity and waste of tax dollars, I sense I’m beginning to sound like a "liberal" in taking out my frustration with the higher pay and benefits of government employees. That is not the right approach. It would be better to instead encourage policies like the presidents’ immigration reform, tax reform and regulation repeal. Each would generate jobs, improve wages particularly for working Americans and lift the private sector to that of their government counterpart. Better to lift up the private sector than bring down the public? (I still support shrinking the size of our bloated government and keeping compensation and benefits on par with private sector employees).


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