Remembering Summer and my childhood on Lake Erie #TBT

Posted By on August 31, 2017

As I reflect on this past weekend with family and as summer comes to a close, a Throwback Thursday #TBT mental image and old photo reminds me of just how idyllic my own childhood was. Brenda and I hope we replicated that for our own children and are now doing our best to be the same kind of grandparents we had for Annalyn.


In my case, I spent my summers on our own beach on Ohio’s Northcoast where my grandparents visited regularly. The memories have already been sprinkled on my blog a few times, but never enough to depict the fond memories I had growing up east of Toledo on Lake Erie. It is interesting how the good memories cloud out the bad (below) and the natural beauty and views overshadow the constant work and minimal amenities we had (our first color TV came in the late 1970s after moving … but with views like those above, who needed a television?).

The recent flooding in Texas also triggered a few negative memories … like the three major floods that force use from our home. The final flood, along with a rock dike built by the Corp of Engineers in place of our beach, was enough for my dad to consider a promotion and transfer when I was in high school. Stressful at the time, but the right move for our family … considering the view we lost, or what we could have lost.

The first of our big floods happened in 1966. Thankfully we did not lose the house.


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