Enjoyed babysitting Annalyn in Perrysburg for a couple days

Posted By on September 16, 2017


AnnalynPretzelBag170911AnnalynKatelynWalk170911This past week had me visiting Katelyn and Drew in order to lend a hand with babysitting Annalyn. It was a good time for me to bond one-on-one with my 6 month old granddaughter and I know Brenda will enjoy her time too (Drew’s mom is already hooked).
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Annalyn and I followed “mommy’s” schedule as best we could and enjoyed walks, reading and playing. I also enjoyed a couple nights with Katelyn and Drew in the evenings as their new house is very comfortable. It is great to be a grandfather (As of her 9/15 doctor checkup: Healthy and 15 lb. 15 oz!)


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