Sperry Topsider update: Trying to repair worn heels with epoxy

Posted By on September 5, 2017

SperryBoatShoesHeels170903 SperryBoatShoesWestSys17090

It has been a while since talking about Sperry Boat Shoes, but it is obvious by the popularity of the old posts that I’m not the only one who loves wearing them. Usually the question is how to keep them from smelling or make them a bit more comfortable (with insoles). SperryBoatShoesEpoxy170903In this post, I’m looking to get a few more miles out of my favorite pair.

Years ago with my original leather Topsiders, it was relatively simple to find a shoe repair shop or send them back to the factory to have new thin white soles stitched back on – relatively affordable too.

There are also several "do-it-yourself" kits to re-glue soles on shoes, but I’ve yet to find a way to "add material" back to worn heels? Anyway being a resourceful sailor who’s patched Keen shoe successfully with some epoxy … and having some West System 105 resin and hardner around, I decided to see what kind of repair could be achieved and if it is even worthwhile. So here is goes.

I built up the heels with masking tape, shimmed the shoes on the workbench so the liquid would puddle in the worn heel area. I added a second application and probably could have done a third? After it hardened sufficiently, used a sander to take off the sharp edges and shape the new heel.

My concern is that it is too hard rather than flexible and will crack when I wear them … but it is in the heel??? Time will tell … I’ll report back.

Newer on the left without worn heels and the older on the right with the epoxy repair

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