What do you do when you mix up too much epoxy?

Posted By on October 28, 2016

KeenShoeRepairedRepair a shoe of course! 

I’ve was frustrated with my carelessness when welding last year after burning a hole in my Keen shoes, but still wear them (albeit with a little more air conditioning than I would like). So after mixing a little more epoxy than needed for a repair, I dabbed a little bit of it on a chunk of suede material and stuck it in the hole in my shoe.


The repair isn’t pretty, but I did touch-up the globs of epoxy with a little leftover grey paint. The "shoe salvaging" would have made my wife’s father proud, as was known for his "stylish" choice of apparel — that’s sarcasm … besides I enjoy embarrassing my kids — unfortunately that is not sarcasm.


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