The NFL off and NASCAR on as another week goes by

Posted By on October 15, 2017


Disappointed to be still NOT watching NFL football on Sunday afternoon (week 6), but for the most part there are plenty of autumn chores to keep me busy. Unfortunately the rain came this afternoon and while grabbing a snack at the new kitchen counter, flipped to NASCAR just as I did last weekend. It is not the same as watching football, but at least the drivers, teams and NASCAR kneeling49ers2016organization demonstrate the appropriate respect for out flag and national anthem.

Although some argue that the first amendment gives citizens the freedom to protest and in this case disrespect those who wear the uniform (or those who have sacrificed for this country), it also offends many who are disgusted with players picking the national anthem and following Colin Kaepernick’s stunt as the time to protest (not to mention his reason). Unfortunately for the NFL, sponsors, networks and players, they will in turn eventually feel the consequences of fans tuning out. I had thought by now the cooler heads of owners and management would have come up with a solution?


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