Disappointed in the thin Totallee cover for my iPhone 7 plus

Posted By on February 24, 2018

Totallee_reglued_180221 Totallee_skin_peel 180221

I probably spoke too soon in praise of the Totallee super thin and lightweight case or more appropriately "cover" for my iPhone 7plus last year. Last week. While out of town traveling the thin skin just "slid" off the plastic case. It was as if the bonding method they used to attach the skin to the case was completely missing… there wasn’t any residue or glue type to be seen. I contacted @TotalleeCase by Twitter DM and they politely assured me that hello@totalleecase.com would be able to assist.


Unfortunately since the company replaced my first cover soon after I receive my initial preordered cover, their policy is to only warranty one replacement.  It was frustrating since this case carries a small premium price (although is only$20) and in my judgment is a manufacturing flaw. I suspect that others are having an issue since the skin "fell" off and they have been replacing many other covers with similar issues?

Oh well, live and learn. I will not be recommending Totallee as a Totallee_fillerblock180221company. I instead will try a self repair by scuffing up the plastic and use a fitted block to help clamp with some clear @GorillaGlue!



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