Loose Lips Sink Ships. An article from 1918 deserves revisiting

Posted By on February 13, 2018

nytnewsclipping1918Somewhat timely shared archived New York Times newspaper clipping (click image for larger) from 100 years ago. The February 6, 1918 article (tweet below) had me thinking about those in our country handling information that puts operations and the security of our many service personnel and undercover operatives at risk when politicians, intelligence bureaucrats in Washington DC and journalists (and wantabees) seeking to disclose information first. Those of use using social media aren’t helping as we often don’t think about the sensitive details we’re dumping out on the Internet that can put someone as risk.

The days of slower paced "just in the evening" television news or daily papers offering time to have extra sets of eyes (editors) are in the past, but we still need to evolve with some kind of AI review or  individuals hired by our government should be held accountable for damage to our national security.



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