Old May Fly Walleye fishing lures that need to be tossed or sold

Posted By on March 27, 2018

MayFlyLure1While cleaning out old Consolidated Printing and Publishing files and boxes stored in our basement, I ran across about 50 May Fly Lures made by a charter fishing company. MayFlyLure2

We printed and packaged these in batches on demand for Darrel Rowh’s side company Misty Blue Tackle and a note on the box indicated these were an ordered batch that he never picked up … cough, cough …  a couple of decades ago! So, before throwing them away, I think I’ll list them on Amazon Selling or eBay and tried to get $10 for a couple of them in a packet (to make it worthwhile shipping them)who knows, I might recover a couple bucks?


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