Who knew that an AppleTV would be a favorite technology buy

Posted By on March 25, 2018

Looking back (post from March 2015) on technology buys over the past few years, it is hard for me to put my finger on a favorite … besides the smartphone which surly#1? But push come to shove for #2 …  it is likely the Apple iPad as I use it far more that I ever thought; it has become my daily traveling companion and does far more "computing" that I ever expected.

As for Brenda, it is amazing how much she uses our older and relatively inexpensive AppleTV. It was an "impulse buy" at $59 three years ago and is used far more than the Roku, DVD or even the digital TV box now that we have "on demand" and "catch-up TV" features. She goes back to the AppleTV for its ease of use for subscription Netflix and Amazon video. She actually makes me feel like I’m still in the stone age as I’m still struggling to record TV and make room on our DVR (at least it’s not a VCR recorder!)



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