Filled up Jerry Cans and my BMW X5 35d with diesel (25 gal max)

Posted By on June 24, 2018

UDFPerkDieselPrice180617Since I drive a diesel BMW X5 35d as well as an old 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel, and use diesel fuel in our Kubota and John Deere lawn tractors (not to mention sailboat) … seeing pump prices 20 to 40 cents higher at the pump is starting to cut into my theory of saving money through better fuel efficiency over gasoline. Thankfully there are still a few stations that keep the gasoline vs diesel spread a bit tighter. A local “new” UDF station has been the lowest in our area as of late, but in the summer they also market fuel discounts with a uDrive promotion which Brenda and I “unfortunately” take advantage of every summer as the scale proves; we have a weakness for an “occasional” milkshake.Fuelly_RichCs_vehicles180617

Of course looking at the $1.77 per gallon price in the photo on the left ($1.10 discount), you might say my use of the word “occasional” is inaccurate? In that case, substitute the work “regular” milkshake!

I’ve been using to track most fill-ups for a long time now and wanted to include some of the tracking long term. Also below is the impressive new Volkswagen Tiguan fuel efficiency based on my daughter’s Fuelly trackingWow!



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