The power of a photo, no matter how manipulated or misleading

Posted By on June 24, 2018

While there is no doubt the "fabricated" Time magazine cover photo has impact and tugs at everyone’s heartstrings, the deeper story represents far more than the current illegal immigration debate over separating children from those who bring them across the U.S.-Mexican border, timecoverimmigrationwhether with parents, relatives or traffickers. ("fabricated" in that the photo is obviously manipulated and the truth being that little girl was not separated from her mother)

First it reminds us that politicians are not solving the issue over immigration numbers, securing the border or having a deterrent that prevent illegal border crossings or the trafficking of children. Politicians refuse to legislate the issue and seem to be using it for their own party’s political purpose. Sadly the media is complicate – they not just "reporting the news" but adding their bias regarding border security and illegals within the United States. The commonsense solutions that includes more green cards, raising yearly immigration numbers, making legal immigration easier along with securing the border, eludes those with opposing views elected to run our country. Neither party can solve this issue without the other. Work together and address the issue!

As for the "deeper story" on the Time photo: It is minimally reported that the mom, who was already deported once in 2013 (Obama admin), was paying a "coyote" to smuggle her and her daughter across again. This story required overseas journalists to report  the "whole story." What is even more disturbing is that the mom left her other 3 children in Honduras and left without the father’s support or knowledge as to where they were or if they were safe. According to the UK’s DailyMail’s story, the dad had not heard from the two for 10 days and the first he knew anything was when he saw the heartbreaking photo.

Why did it take the overseas media to bring this to light — perhaps it does not fit the mainstream media’s narrative? Once again, the media’s commentary and poor reporting or purposely biased slanted reporting adds traction to President Trump’s Fake News mantra.


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