A new pair of Sperry flip-flops and kitchen knife sharpening

Posted By on July 24, 2018

NewSperryFlipflopsHaving owned a several pairs of different branded sandals and flip-flops over the years (decades), I’ve settled on my boatshoe brand of choice, the Sperry brand, as the flip-flops I prefer. Some of the more inexpensive brands wear out too quick, others, like the ones I really like from Eddie Bauer, are slick when the surface or your foot is wet (including Crocs) …  and others like my toe protective and durable Keens are just less comfortable (they also continue to click).

I leave my current favorite Sperry flip-flop sandals, the Baitfish in Florida, so really needed a new pair for home … and will try a new lighter duty Wahoo flip-flop first at home to see how they hold up. So far I like them.

Taylor and I were talking about sharpening his new kitchen knife. I told him he needed a ceramic steel rod to keep an edge on it.  At this point he doesn’t want to use it it for everyday cutting … and sadly sound like me with my “good tools” since I’m always using my older ones so as to spare any wear and tear, or damage to my new ones — how foolish can we be???  Anyway, I want a ceramic sharpening stick for the Florida condo too and thought I would archive this Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener from Amazon.


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