An impressive look at planet Jupiter this week #space

Posted By on July 14, 2018

Jupiter_iPhone7plus_190710It was a great week of skywatching in our backyard in Cincinnati this week. The sun magnificently lit up planets, especially Saturn and Jupiter while Mars, Venus (the brightest) and Mercury (doubtful) remained a bit low in the sky while I was out viewing. I was purposely out for Mars, but it will have to wait for another night. "Mars is rapidly approaches Earth at an average rate of 210,000 miles per day. It nearly doubles in brightness through July and by month’s end will be at its biggest and brightest for the next 17 years." – LINK

I don’t recall ever being able to see Jupiter (photo left) so clearly with the naked eye or to ever be able to have it show up well on an iPhone photo (click photo for larger view)?

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