A catch-up International Space Station viewing post

Posted By on October 20, 2018

ISSTracking181011Earlier in October, as well as mid summer, I’ve been trying to get a better nighttime view of the International Space Station (ISS) passing over our house. It has been tracking overhead for the last few weeks an hour or so after the the sun set. The angle was such that our sky was completely dark (you can see the tree line at the bottom of the photo below), yet the ISS being 240 or so mile above SW Ohio was completely lit up.

The ISS was an incredibly brilliant and quickly moving and continued to reflect the sun even as it headed further than I expected towards the southeastern sky as it rose from the NW, passed directly overhead and remained visible for a good 5 minutes. As the International Space Station raced across the sky, it passed near Mars from my location north of Cincinnati (see Sky Guide tracking app screen shot – photo left). I’m still amazed at being able to capture "both" so well on just a iPhone7plus. I doubt even my DSLR could have been able to do this?



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